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Lingerie Care

Make sure you get the most out of your Ipomia designer lingerie by learning how to
wash and care for them properly. In order to make your lingerie last longer we
recommend that you hand-wash or machine-wash on delicate all of our select styles!
If you don’t know how to properly wash your lingerie then don’t panic! Below we
have listed easy steps on how to do this quickly and effectively. Check out our quick
washing guide below!

Hand Wash

Step 1: Recovery Soak
Soak your lingerie in a tub of mild soap and cool water for 2-3 minutes.

*Avoid using bleach

Step 2: Sensual Massage

Gently massage the suds into the fabric and then rinse it with clean water.

Step 3: Love Pat

Lay your garment between two flat towels and gently pat the excess water out of the fabric.

*Be sure not to wring dry or rub the fabric aggressively.

Step 4: Light Dry

Hang or lay flat to dry until the lingerie is no longer damp.

*Do not tumble dry or iron. Putting your lingerie in the dryer will damage the material and elastic.

Machine Wash

Step 1: Put the garments you wish to wash in a lingerie mesh bag with like colors.

*Be sure to hook your bra together to avoid snagging other garments.

Step 2: Wash your valuables on a delicate cycle, cold water (30 °C) and with mild-soap.

*Avoid using bleach and don’t overfill your washing load because the pressure can damage your garments.

Step 3: Take your garments out of the wash and hang or lay flat to dry.

*Do not tumble dry or iron. Putting your lingerie in the dryer will damage the material and elastic.

Swimwear Clean and Care Guide

Swimwear can be easily damaged by chlorine, sun, salt water, and many other
elements. Keep your swimwear looking fresh and new longer with these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Rinse swimwear directly after every use with cool, clean water.

*Water from a sink or shower is easy to access for a quick rinse.

Step 2: Hand-wash with mild soap in cool water.

*Do NOT machine-wash. Be sure to avoid coconut or powder soaps, detergent and bleach. These are not gentle and can cause deterioration.

Step 3: Hang or lay flat to dry in the shade, NOT in the sunlight.

*Be sure not to wring dry or rub the fabric aggressively.

Extra Tips

  • Rinse your swimwear after each wear with clean water. Be sure to rinse yourswimwear after wearing even if you have not been swimming. The heat from
  • Do not store your swimwear in a plastic bag. If moisture gets into therestrictive space in can cause damage to your swimwear or cause mildew.
  • Alternating swimwear and allowing garments to rest for 24 hours after eachuse will preserve the elasticity of your swimsuit and help keep its shape.
  • Avoid using your best swimsuit in the hot tub. The extreme temperaturesand harmful chemicals will cause faster fading and stretching. If you can,
  • Let your swimsuit dry naturally in a shaded area. Never dry your suit in thedryer or in the sun. Both of these will cause a faster deterioration of your
  • Try to sit on a towel when possible in order avoid contact between yourswimwear and rough surfaces, such as the edge of a pool. This can harm the material and damage your swimwear.