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Girl in a Ipomia Bra

Ipomia Reinvents the Bra

Introducing Ipomia, the high-fashion lingerie brand created for women who have undergone breast augmentation and reconstruction. Founded by a team of world renowned plastic surgeons and women who have undergone breast augmentation. Ipomia’s standout design and construction makes their bras the only ones you’ll ever need, or want, to wear again. The brand’s new collection features a range of feminine styles that ensures a perfect fit for one’s new shape in the immediate recovery phase, extended healing period and beyond.

Busting the Myth

Who undergoes breast surgery and what is behind their decision? The answers may surprise you. With approximately 561,000 operations performed in 2016, breast surgeries are the top cosmetic surgery procedure in the U.S. with a majority of patients falling between ages 30 to 39. During these prime childbearing years, it is common for women to lose breast volume, size and that pre-pregnancy “perk” due to postpartum weight-loss or breastfeeding. No amount of diet or exercise will restore their shape — implant surgery is often a viable solution for women to reclaim their body, femininity and self-confidence.

The Ipomia Difference

Women who have undergone breast surgery often wear medical bras. Ipomia is on a mission to introduce its lingerie that are designed in an innovative way to support women throughout the healing process and beyond with a sensual collection of styles that offer a perfect fit and comfort for one’s new shape.